TAKING TIME (sold out)

by Crissman Taylor and Carmen Tarnowski

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From December1996 to December1998, The Danish and Dutch Societies of Teachers of the Alexander Technique conducted interviews on the topic of Alexander teacher training.

The aim has been to gather the views of the remaining teachers who trained with F.M. Alexander as a body of reference for future teacher trainers and the Alexander Technique community in general. The teachers interviewed are: Peggy Williams, Walter and Dilys Carrington, Marjory Barlow, Elisabeth Walker, Anthony Spawforth and Erika Whittaker. The two interviewers, Crissman Taylor and Carmen Tarnowski, have attempted to capture what is essential to Alexander teacher training. Comparisons are drawn between Alexander´s training course (1931-1955) and present day conditions in terms of the training situation and attitudes to the work. The interviews are richly illustrated by anecdotal material. The following subjects are covered:
1. Impressions of F.M. Alexander´s training course
2. The concept of a three-year training course
3. The concept of teacher training as a profession
4. The concept of apprenticeship as an educational model
5. Aspects of basic training
6. Teachers´ qualifications
7. Teacher trainers´ qualifications
8. Methods of assessing
9. Teaching the Technique
10. The Profession
11. Professional bodies

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